Relationship Therapy

The relationships in our lives have a significant impact on our happiness and sense of well being. Sometimes we face significant challenges communicating with important people in our life. Or we have on going conflict with them that never seems to get resolved. When this happens it colors everything in our lives. Relationship therapy can help you overcome these challenges and find the joy and happiness that you want to experience in your relationships. 


Building and sustaining a healthy fulfilling marriage is hard work. Couples meet a variety of challenges individually, as a couple and (when children are involved) as a family. Sometimes these challenges lead to misunderstandings, a break down in communication or lack of trust within the relationship. If this has happened in your marriage or significant relationship, couples therapy can help. In a safe, neutral environment couples can resolve differences and learn effective communication strategies. This will help rebuild trust and closeness in your relationship. If you are dissatisfied in your relationship and your spouse is not interested in couples counseling, I can work with you individually to improve communication and build a healthier relationship.


Is sibling rivalry creating chaos and negativity in your household? If so there is hope. Often siblings end up with misunderstandings and anger that make it difficult for them to resolve differences. I work with the children together and individually to improve understanding and resolve hurt. I also keep the parents in the loop so they can better understand what is causing the challenges and help their children to maintain the gains they have made in therapy.Parents and Children
Parents and Children
When our children first come into our lives we imagine that we will always love and adore each other -- forever. And then life happens. And sometimes when life happens we end up in conflict with our children. We feel at a loss for how to heal the hurt, and resolve the conflict. Family therapy can address these issues and help you regain the relationship you once enjoyed. 

Blended Families

Blending families presents unique challenges and often amplifies challenges all families face. Each family has already established their own way of doing things. When they are blended everyone needs to give a little to make things work. Misunderstandings and past hurts often get in the way of a smooth transition. At HeartJourney I can help provide a neutral, safe environment to work through these challenges.

In the first session I generally meet with the couple that is forming the blended family. I make an assessment and then offer recommendations about how to move forward. I work with the couple to develop a plan of action. This may include bringing in additional family members, either individually or in groups to do the work needed to improve communication and resolve differences. Other times I work exclusively with the couple to help them make the changes they want to see.

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