Life Coaching

People seek life coaching for many reasons.  Some feel burned out or overwhelmed.  Others are considering making a career change, or wanting to figure out how to spend their retirement years.  Sometimes they are just not enjoying life as much as they would like, and want to make changes that will bring them more joy and fulfillment.  Whatever the reason you want to make changes in your life, coaching can help you get there.

Coaching is a goals-oriented approach that focuses on results.  The process begins with the client visioning what they want in their life. Then they gradually work toward this new vision by setting and accomplishing small goals that continually build on each other toward that vision.  Through this process clients are able to break through old patterns that stand in the way of a better life, and live a more authentic joyful life.

Coaching sessions are available in person or by phone.  The initial session is an hour.  Remaining sessions can be scheduled for either an hour or a 1/2 hour, depending on your needs. 

Cost:First Session
 (60 Minutes) $150
 On going Sessions
 (60 Minutes) $135
 (30 Minutes) $70

Coaching sessions are not covered by health insurance.

To schedule a initial visioning session contact me by phone or email.

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