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Interracial Couple


Finding the Pause

Life sends us curveballs when we least expect it. No amount of good planning or healthy living can make us immune. They happen to all of us. We are innocently waiting for the traffic light to change from red to green, when suddenly someone hits us from behind and propels us into the trunk of the car ahead of us. Or we are quietly reading a book on Sunday afternoon when we hear the sound of rushing water and realize the pipe under the kitchen sink has separated.


Mindfully Setting Boundaries

When we live an authentic and mindful life we become more aware of appropriate boundaries with the people in our life. Part of having appropriate boundaries in relationships means finding the right balance between being vulnerable and being protective. If we are too protective with the important people in our lives we will not find the emotional intimacy we are longing to experience.


Daily Mindful Habits

Bringing more mindfulness into your daily life in small ways can have many benefits.  Some benefits include feeling less anxious and more joyful, experiencing more connection with friends and family, and being more comfortable with strong emotions.  Even on the busiest days you can bring mindfulness into your life with small changes.